Dr. Ryk Croukamp



With a PhD in the behavioural sciences from the University of the North West and qualified as an educator logo therapist, Ryk is passionate about re-humanising practices, be it at work or in society. He is known to not blindly follow mainstream fads and fashions, with the ability to help individuals, teams and leaders become the best they can be. By integrating his skills, experience and knowledge of organisational culture, optimal workplace climate and human behaviour, he translates this combination into sustainable business results. His signature strength is his ability to weave academic and scientific rigour together with real world experiences in unique ways. This ability were successfully demonstrated through a variety of organisational development and leadership interventions with a variety of clients on three continents, ranging from emergency medicine, shared service environments, mining, oil and gas, exploration, electricity, special risk insurance, airlines, petrochemicals, telecommunications, a variety of universities and the armament industry.

As an avid adventurer with a successful summit bid in the Himalayas, his mountaineering experiences deeply influenced his approach and passion for transformation at personal and organisational levels. He uses that learning to offer an integrated value proposition that weaves diagnostics in strategy, culture and organisational climate with a systemic intervention approach that leads to genuine self-discovery, self-development and sustainable performance. He confronts these existential and sustainability challenges from a place of purpose, values, our common humanity and the possibility that you are. The dialogic approach that he follows is rooted in the fundamental belief in the unconditional dignity and worthiness of all people.

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