The golden key to sustainable change

Learn to be effective in dealing with the human experience of change

Our approach

People matter in change. Deeply. We often hear speak of the change curve and how important it is to flatten and shorten the learning cycle if we are to remain competitive and sustainable. Yet, most people and organisations suffer needless losses of productivity and morale because they have not yet learnt how to recognise and work through the sequential emotional and cognitive stages that encountering change naturally brings. By integrating basic, positive attitudes and beliefs about change and combining them with the right skills and tools, we facilitate successful personal change, in the process building exponential change agility. In applying our integrated value offering, we believe that:
• Each person is responsible for their attitude and behaviour during times of change and how they handle their personal and professional needs.
• Relevant, practical skills can be utilized immediately to the benefit of the individual and teams undergoing change.
• Change is not an event with a start and end time but has an ever-evolving upwards curve.
• Learn to manage yourself during change, and then learn to manage others and the changed environment.

We are licenced and deeply experienced in the training/ facilitation of these personal and leadership change skills, using the peer reviewed and trusted Change Cycle™.

Why use the Change Cycle™

• Get fast results because The Change Cycle™ model has a track record of success as a tool for successful change. It develops personal change skills at all levels of organisations and individuals with perspective and specific ‘how-to’ skills for coping with the realities of change.
• The sciences of physiology, physics and applied psychology underpin our understanding of why and how we react and respond to change. This vast knowledge base provides relevant cognitive, emotional and behavioural applications. These complexities are made practical, with easily understandable language and fun exercises to upskill people on how to move through change – the big and small ones.
• Our training builds immediate rapport with participants, with full colour participant guides that utilize humour, stories and case studies, while teaching skill sets that are practical and that can be applied immediately.

What can you expect from the ‘’leading self during change’’ training?

• Learn about the sequence of 6 predictable stages in change and how each stage affects your head, heart and hands.
• Understand what happens in the brain during change and learn how to work with these natural processes.
• Learn to recognize which stage of the Change Cycle™ you are in with a particular
change at one point in time.
• Recognize the difference between being proactive and being reactive in change.
• Learn new skills for managing yourself more effectively in change.

What can leaders expect from the ‘’leading others during change’’ training?

• Develop effective ways to manage yourself in a changing environment so you can manage others
• Acquire skills that will enable us to identify which stage of the Change Cycle™ our co-workers are in.
• Identify our own management and thinking styles and how it relates to every stage of the Change Cycle™.
• Learn specific strategies for managing others in each stage of the Change Cycle™.