Strategy and culture

Weaving the tapestry of strategy and culture

Strategic alignment and execution

Strategy drives focus and direction while culture is the emotional, organic habitat in which a company’s strategy lives or dies. Translating strategy into implemented reality is the only true measure of success, with a key success factor being organizational alignment.

We design and facilitate workshops to:
• Develop and refine vision, mission and purpose formulation
• Develop key strategic focus areas
• Cascading strategy into meaningful performance measures for employees.
• Align the organisation around a common vision and purpose.

Culture transformation

Corporate culture is an incredibly powerful factor in a company’s long-term success. Research reveals that failure to pay attention to culture account for most failures in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Culture is shaped by daily organizational behaviours, of which leaders set the tone. Where strategy is the headline on the company’s narrative – culture requires a clearly understood common language to embrace and tell the story that includes the mission, vision, values, and clear objectives, goals, targets and measures. Strategy is imperative for differentiation, but a vibrant culture and climate delivers the strategic advantage. When culture supports strategy, execution is scalable, repeatable, and sustainable, with clear competitive advantages. Finally, culture can and should be measured and managed, deliberately.

We are certified and experienced practitioners of the internationally acclaimed Barrett Values Centre culture transformation tools. We customise these practices in support of your culture definition and embedding processes.

Change - and transformation management

How is it that we keep perpetuating the dismal success rate of change and transformation programs by maintain efforts to the wrong things better or faster? Do we ever stop to identify the real need for change before jumping on the proverbial bandwagon and follow the latest business fads and fashions?

The goal of transformation is not just to execute a defined change — but to reinvent the organization and redefine the very business or operating model based on a vision for the future.

We facilitate strategic change and transformation projects and programmes with years of experience, using our globally certified best practice tools and methodologies, but not before we ensure that are we understand the problem that the change is intending to solve.