Acting on strategic intent

From algorithms to performance

“Create caring and robust connections between every employee and their work, customers, leaders, managers, and the organization to achieve results that matter to everyone in this sentence.” – David Zinger

Assessing and improving organizational climate is a critical factor in building strategic intent and implementation capability.

Companies create the most value from the way their employees apply their skills, energy, and expertise. In the knowledge age when facing stiff competition, human potential is the greatest lever of all business levers to build value.

Our scientific approach takes the guesswork out of organizational climate assessments because we use sound statistical methods to understand organizational climate and accurately predict human factor risks and organizational performance.

Our intervention design focusses on what drives the biggest business value.

We benchmark your organizational climate, health, and performance risk against a reasonable workplace, in a specific context and our instruments are calibrated for cultural sensitivity.

We are certified and licenced users of the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark ™ workplace analytics and diagnostics suites. The outcome of our interventions ensures strategic success by comparing your business strategies with your employees’ capability to act on strategic intent. We therefore link human factor outcomes to the bottom line of the organisation and manage causal factors based on evidence and impact.

What is the OHFB?

The Organisational Human Factor Benchmark is a scientific-based organizational health (climate) diagnostics suite. The diagnostic instrument is powered by a multitude of scientific theory, psychometrics, norms, benchmarks and a real-time workplace analytics reporting system.

What we measure:

• Employee work engagement
• Manageable stress levels and related ill-health
• Pro- social behaviours and corporate citizenship
• Organizational commitment
• Healthy lifestyles

Why measure organizational climate?

• Increase productivity
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Improve safety
• Improve employee work wellbeing and reduce organisational stress
• Reduce fraud risks
• Reduce absenteeism rates
• Reduce industrial relations problems
• Reduce unwanted employee turn-over

Our custom designed interventions help clients to:

• Optimize the pace and amount of work
• Optimize mental load
• Reduce emotional load
• Improve supervisory relationships
• Improve the effectiveness of the performance management process
• Improve role clarity
• Support fit for purpose and situational leadership styles
• Improve the effectiveness of communication and decision making
• Facilitate growth and development
• Improve person-fit (recruitment)
• Improve competence
• Improve peer and team relations
• Improve career paths and opportunity