Working with us

‘’Why am I not achieving the benefits that our project office so often promises?” asks the CEO at reflecting upon the poor benefits realization during the last big transformation program.

“How can I contain and manage my anxiety arising from personal change?” asks the employee who struggles to cope at work after being  transferred to the next city for the third time, all as part of a rightsizing exercise driven by the latest best practice business school improvement initiative.

“Why is it so hard for me to become a better person and change my bad habits?” asks the husband who stares in disbelief at the summons for a divorce.

“Was this now it?” asks the retiring CEO upon reflecting on the lingering emptiness despite the lifelong investment in an affluent lifestyle and his glorious successes.

“What shall I do with my life?” asks the student who has no idea what direction to take after years of schooling.

Do questions like this echo in the hallway of your mind, whether you are a CEO, home executive, husband, employee or student about to embark on his or her biggest life adventure?

Indigo Skye Transformation, born on the cold and hostile high summits of the Himalayas, offers you a value proposition linking personal insight and systemic intervention with genuine self-discovery and self-development. We confront these challenging questions from a place of purpose, driven by scientific rigor, our values, our common humanity and the possibility that you are. We co-journey with our clients, using a dialogic approach rooted in our deep belief in unconditional human dignity and worthiness. We help clarify and liberate these possibilities for our clients.

Are you up to this provocative adventure?

Our origins

A dream is born – Himalayas, Nepal, April 2013

Setting out to “conquer” a mountain – one wonders why one should ever engage in such a thought. As the climb through the night progressed painfully and slowly towards the beckoning and hostile summit, a new awareness arose, rapidly eroding the ego and the belief that a mountain can be conquered. With the body wasting away in this hostile environment, gasping for air in the indigo sky sharply etched against the pure white snow-capped summit, hopes of “victory” gave way to an overwhelming sense of grace and gratitude. Then the realization came: no-one ever conquers a mountain; we only ever conquer ourselves. And there, on that summit with that indigo coloured sky above, this dream was born.

Our approach

The scaffolding of our work

Going beyond the latest tricks and ideas, we discover the realness of life and its demands. Here, challenging life events teach us that successful transformation resides not in “best in class models,” but in accepting the unique purposes of each human being. Powerful experiences at high altitude transforms people, transcending the cleverness of the mind. Setting out to endure the severity and dangers of high-altitude mountaineering, the hard lessons learnt during this constant battle between life and death, between success and giving up, underpin our approach.

Summiting a high mountain peak quickly teaches that a paradigm of “go slow to go fast,” works best. In the process of rediscovering our humanity, there are no shortcuts to the beckoning summit. Taking one step safely and mindfully, yet without sacrificing the goal, is the best approach. This awareness shaped our vision of a world where human beings are considered as true contributors to a sustainable world, with profit becoming a result of people who live into the possibilities that they are, so becoming the best they can be for the world.  This is how we build a world for our children’s’ children.

From this vantage point, we believe that the world of transformation can be confronted with a different level of authenticity.